Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


The use of the bowling alley costs 30€/h and must be paid in cash at the bar.

The bowling alley is only permitted for persons over 18 years of age!
If the booking is not cancelled 72 hours in advance in case of non-participation, the full costs for the bowling alley will be charged and an additional cancellation fee of 50,- € will be charged.


1. Is there an age limit?

Yes, Tante Lisbeth is a “smokers’ pub” – access only from 18 years of age and the bowling alley is not open to persons under 18 years of age. Not even when accompanied by an adult. Since the way there is through the smoking room.

2. What are the 30 euros per hour paid for?

The 30 euros per hour include both bowling alleys with anteroom, regardless of the number of people.

3. How many people have room on the bowling alley with anteroom?

Around 30 people can fit into the bowling area.

4. Can you bring your own food or drinks?

You may bring your own food or order pizza or something else but please take care of alle the waste and please keep it tidy! Be considerate to the people who also booked. We don’t have dishes or cutlery.

And of course YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING YOUR OWN BEVERAGES…we have a lot of options at the bar.

5. Do I have to bring special shoes?


6. Is there a discount for larger groups?


7. Can you still bowl after 10pm?

No! Out of consideration for our neighbours, we can unfortunately make no exceptions.

8. May I smoke there?

Yes, you may.

9. May I stay in the basement after 10pm?

Yes…no bowling anymore but chatting and having fun is ok.

10. May I bring my dog along?

Yes, that’s fine.

11. Methods of Payment

Cash only please!

12. Can I receive an official bill ?

Yes, you need to pay cash and then write us an mail to with the dates and we’ll send you your invoice.

13. Where can I call if I have questions about the booking?

If you have any questions about booking the bowling alley, please contact us at the following telephone number: 030 4447967 or via mail